Status Change: How to Manage Facebook

Social media is the way most of society has chosen to communicate, and in healthy doses, using such means to socialize, debate and create is perfectly plausible.

Why would we not use technology?

But it is important to consider how social media is changing you with a click of the mouse.

We don’t have to stop using it, but be conscious of the hold that it can have.

You must decide if you will be technology’s servant or master.

Let me share a few things……

  • Facebook has over 901 million accounts as of March 2012.
  • An impressive 500 million people are active on Facebook daily. That’s a lot of “likes”, status updates and picture uploads going on.

Facebook and other forms of social media can bring out the good, the bad and the narcissist in each of us.

A few things to remember before hitting “post”:

1.      Don’t over-share:

Social affirmations by our friends are a key draw to networking sites. Who doesn’t enjoy seeing that your selfie just got 200 likes!

The need to be affirmed by our friends and strangers can make us over-share without us truly considering the consequences. Which leads to #2

2.      Once it is seen, you can delete the post but the damage is done (and somewhere out there on the internet.) What you post truly can never be erased from the mind.

Before you post, text or type: T.H.I.N.K

3.    Its’s okay to go offline.

In the age of technology, we can get so comfortable with socializing online that we forget the value and importance of face to face communication.

How many times has a text message you’ve typed been misinterpreted?

Relationships are forged in real-life meet-ups. Verbal discussions are much more personable than a text message or instant messaging.

4.       Limit your time and access to social media sites you frequently visit.

A lot of us are on social media out of sheer boredom or habit (that’s me). If you find yourself going to check your Facebook status for the millionth time today, find other things to keep you busy.

Read a book. Exercise. Go meet a friend for lunch.

If you find that it’s something deeper drawing you to Facebook constantly, limit your access to the temptations.

Turn off your notifications.

Take the apps off your Smartphone. When it isn’t’ at the click of your finger, it’s easier to find others things to focus on. Out of sight, out of mind!

5.      Remember, you are more than a click of a status update

Your life was never meant to be measured by the number of friends or “likes” you receive on Facebook.

We are all created in the image of our Maker. Spend time getting to know Him through prayer and study.

If you want to have a deeper connection with God, you won’t find Him on Facebook.

Quote about Facebook and Jesus

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2 thoughts on “Status Change: How to Manage Facebook

    1. I completely agree. After this post, I set personal guidelines for my own social media use! It’s been great not being a slave to it. You realize you aren’t missing as much as you thought. Thanks for the comment!

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