The Missing Voice: Men and the Pro-life Movement


father in the delivery room
Standing watch


The fact that I experienced an unplanned pregnancy in college is not necessarily a secret.

I share my own personal experience in hopes that young women and men are empowered to make better decisions.My prayer, at least, has always been that my story will provide a beckon of hope that young adults can still accomplish their dreams, even when life changes.

The overall reason most women abort is because they have no support system.

Financially they are struggling and cannot fathom how their paycheck could possibly stretch any further.

Emotionally, they feel alone, scared and just want this horrible situation to end.

Pressured, by family and many times the father, the only “solution” appears to be an abortion.

In the past, I have focused solely on telling my story to the women because they are the ones carrying the life. But what I realized is that there is a key component to the pro-life movement that even I overlooked.

The missing voices in the pro-life movement are men.

So many times I have failed to share my entire story and why my unplanned pregnancy resulted in a life being born instead of a baby being aborted. If I am honest, there was a certain amount of shame that came with knowing I wasn’t the one wanting our baby.

My boyfriend, which is now my husband, was the voice that spoke out for our child, not her mother. And because of the selfless courage he displayed, he saved our daughter.

I was a Senior in college and was considering the possibility of law school. The entire world was at my fingertips and I wanted to explore every corner.

I was unstoppable, or so I thought.

I took a pregnancy test without my boyfriend knowing and I cannot begin to explain how that plus sign threw my world into chaos.

I wasn’t so invincible after all.

The next few weeks were a blur.The pregnancy was confirmed by a doctor, but besides a few close friends, no one knew.

Approaching my boyfriend, I was certain he would agree that an abortion was the best thing to do. After all, he wasn’t ready for kids either. He would support me.

“I want an abortion,” was all I needed to say. His composure spoke volumes.

I can still recall the feel of Josh’s hands on my stomach as he pleaded for his child’s life.

The words that come out of his mouth after shook me to my core.

“Give the baby to me if you don’t want her, but don’t take her life, Sarah. She deserves a chance to live.” He would later go on to tell me that he would not continue to see me if I aborted.

Some people might see what he said as “unfair” to me, that it wasn’t his decision to make. But I say it was because he took part in the creation of that life. When I saw that he would fight for our child, I felt strong enough to continue the pregnancy.

mom at hospital


I knew that he would be there for the baby and for me.

So many times, girls that are in a crisis pregnancy don’t have that reassurance and out of fear and loneliness, abort. How many more lives would be saved if men spoke up for their baby?



This is my entire story and how a man changed the fate of one child.

Josh, I love you.

dad holding riley



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