Brains and Beauty: Why Neither of Them Are Ultimately Important




I found myself in a very teachable moment this morning during my daughter’s morning vocabulary/spelling lesson. (We homeschool if you did not know.)

Riley Grace continued to call me over to help her on her lesson, in which I was sure she was fully capable of doing on her own. This is becoming a habit, not only at home, but I’ve noticed she “acts” clueless when she is around her peer group. It’s not just with the boys so I finally asked her “what’s up with that?”

Her response: “Because I don’t want everyone to know I’m smart. People that are smart are picked on and called nerds.”

It broke my heart, not only as a mom but as a woman as well.

I see this all too often with young women (and men, but on another post). How we view ourselves has been determined by how we look, how poplar we are or by the other millions of labels we put on ourselves.

In order for us to feel like we belong, we play the role of the harlot, the charmer and many times, the airhead.

And though I know that Riley Grace is very intelligent and should be proud of her intellect, I also want her to understand that her value does not come from her IQ or any other status.

And this is why….

#1. We are ALL fearfully and wonderfully made by a Creator that does not make a mistake. Your abilities, your looks or your intellect do not determine your value. It was already determined (Psalm 139:14)

#2. Beauty runs deeper than just on the outside. 1 Peter 3:3-4 tells us that our beauty should not be external but for our adorning to be the hidden person of the heart with the imperishable beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit.

#3. Christ loves us, regardless of how ugly our sins are. In fact, He loved us so much He died for us.

Now, that is beautiful.


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