Why I Write Even When I’m Not Sure


computer and pencil


I’ve got this nagging notification on my dashboard that stands as a constant reminder that I have seven days before my blog expires and goes wherever forgotten blogs go to die.

I’ve seriously thought about letting it go to “virtual heaven” more than once.

Here are some reasons, selfish as they may be, that I’ve seriously contemplated pulling my blog’s life support:

1. I’m busy.

2. Does anyone even read my blog?

3. I’m not sure I know what I’m doing.

4. I’m not as popular as [fill in the blank] blog.

5. Did I mention I’m busy?

Hey, I did not say they were good reasons, but they are reasons.

I think my ego gets in the way of my writing. I’m too busy comparing my site stats to remember why I’m even doing this blogging thing in the first place. 

 I love writing and the opportunity it affords me to ministry to the hearts of young adults.

I have gotten side tracked somehow. I forgot WHO I am writing for.

This isn’t about a writer’s platform or how many likes or shares I get on social media. In fact, many times, I don’t get any but I don’t write for that. 

1. I write for the one that IS reading my blog.

2. I write for the one that is seeking truth.

3. I write for the one that needs to be reminded that they are loved, cherished and desired by the King of Kings.

4. I write for you.

So thank you for reading. 

I guess I’ll be renewing my blog 🙂 




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