What My Readers Made Me Realize

I just wanted to share a little something with my readers this morning. As you have read, Heartskeeper was sponsored this month by Novi Creations to celebrate my 2 year spiritual birthday. As I am gathering names to send to the sponsor, I began looking over my blog stats. On the right side of my stat page there is a large map of the world that helps me see where my readers are viewing Heartskeeper. I could not help but smile as I saw the ENTIRE map light up with beautiful colors! As I ran the mouse over the map, I saw readers in India, Africa, Italy, Russia, Canada and of course the USA (to name a few). For those that don’t know this about me, my prayer has been for the longest that God allow me to be a missionary. I have not gotten that “go” light just yet to pack up the family but I realized this morning that I already am a missionary sharing God’s word with many across the globe. THANK YOU for helping me realize that God is at work and THANK YOU for reading! Stay tuned for the winner of the March giveaway!!


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