Why Sadie Robertson Is Really Not the Best Teen Role Model


My social media pages have seen a lot of #hashtags happening due to this #KylieJennerChallenge and apparently Sadie Robertson handled the challenge like the boss she is. I have tried to keep up with all the trending but honestly, I found myself quickly bored. I assumed all parents would be. Yet, blog after blog, I continue to see posts on the Sadie vs. Kylie issue. The latest article I read gave 8 solid reasons America needs more of Sadie and less of Kylie.

Honestly, the blog post bothered me. Besides the post pitting the two teens against one another, I found  the  reasons to be pro-Sadie unsound. All it really did was compare the worldly achievements and failures of both girls.  It is very obvious one of them is using their influence for the greater good, but are we really going to discredit Kylie for coming from a dysfunctional family or having a book flop? If so, then I will never have influence.

There is a definite lack of parental guidance in Jenner’s life. One episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians will prove my point. But let me say that I am not ready to give up on Jenner just yet. Kylie could be a great Kingdom catalyst if God moved in her life. How many more young teens could relate to a girl who was headed down a road of poor choices to only become a woman restored by God’s grace? Instead of comparing them, lets pray for them.

Regardless of the role model Kylie Jenner is, Sadie Robertson shouldn’t be placed on a pedestal either.

Before you boycott me for writing this, let me explain.  I am a Duck Dynasty fan and regardless of the title of this post, really do like Sadie. I admire how the young teen is using her influence to encourage teens. I find myself watching the videos she posts occasionally on Instagram. And yes, I do follow Sadie on IG. I watch her, her family and the choices she is making in the public eye and think to myself, “Oh I hope my little girl turns out like that.” Who wouldn’t want their child to be someone of godly influence?

I don’t want to be raising a “Kylie” but I also understand that I don’t need to point my preteen’s attention to Sadie. I need to point her to Christ.

Having role models for your children is not a bad thing, but I will caution you on putting too much emphasis on another human being. At the end of the day, Sadie puts her pants on just like everyone else, one leg at a time. So, here are my reasons why Sadie really isn’t your teens best role model:

  1. Sadie is flawed

At the end of the day, Sadie (and Kylie) is a sinner and will never be perfect. When we idolize a teen role model, we are setting ourselves up for failure because at the end of the day, Sadie is human.  At one time, Brittany Spears was pegged as the “poster child” for virginity. She told the world she wanted to wait to have sex to honor herself and God.  Yeah, remember how that turned out? Not only did she succumb to the temptation, but was outed by her ex-boyfriend on an ABC 20/20 interview. Thanks Justin.

I am not Brittany bashing or excusing her behavior. What I am doing is trying to prove my point. If our entire focus is based upon the choices of an earthly role model, we shouldn’t expect much from our children. Sadie can be someone girls look up to, but she should never be their focus.

We cannot expect perfection for an imperfect person.

This brings me to my next point….

2. Sadie is not our motivation

When we place girls like Sadie on a pedestal, we are creating an idol for our teens. Eventually, Sadie will mess up (big or small). It is our very sin nature to stumble. If our focus is on an earthly leader, we are in trouble. I see it in churches every day. The congregation idolizes the pastor, lifting him high about his station, and then he messes up. He loses his temper and acts unbecoming. Maybe it’s a deeper infraction and he has an extramarital affair. All of a sudden, because of the pastor’s shortcomings, the entire flock succumbs. Yes, we are called to lead by example but the focus has always meant to be on God, not man.  When bad things happen and our role models disappoint, we can still continue with the hope because we serve a great God and not man.

God is our motivator

3. Sadie is not realistic

One of the first YouTube videos I ever watched of Sadie was her encouraging her followers to stop looking at everyone around them and be who they are. That was when I decided I liked her! Sadly, when the role model and their achievements become the focus or goal of our teen’s life they can forget that they are to be original. We don’t all look like Sadie nor have the family influence like she does. If I guess correctly, half of us will never write a best seller or be on DWTS. Sorry, it is true.


When our teens begin looking at young ladies like her, their goals can easily become unrealistic. Parents, we need to stress to our teens they need to be who God called them to be, not someone else. Sadie is doing her thing, influencing the world in the way God has gifted her. Let our teens do the same!

Ps. Sadie, keep rockin’ it sister!


14 thoughts on “Why Sadie Robertson Is Really Not the Best Teen Role Model

  1. Great points, Sarah! My kiddos are far from this stage, but I remember being a teen and how much idolatry played a part in my own life!!

    I’d add that as important as it is not to encourage our teens to idolize another person, it’s just as important to talk about the flaws and human imperfections of the people we admire. God has used some pretty human folks to do some pretty amazing things, and no matter how closely our kids follow Jesus, they are certain to stumble. I want my kids to know no matter how much they fall, God will always be the God of perfect love and perfect grace.

    Thank you for giving me something to chew on (for myself and my future teens)! 🙂

  2. A-STINKING-MEN!!!!! I’ve always thought how silly it is to have “role models”…..there is only one role model we need, and that is Christ! Admiration is one thing, idolatry is another – and you totally hit the nail on the head! We need more Christ, more grace and less distraction from both of them!

  3. I really like how you describe the comparison game we all can fall into and the truth is yes we all fall short! I have to remind myself everyday what God says about me..He loves me no matter what nothing I do will ever change that..thank you Jesus!
    Xo, Nicole

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