Weekend DIY: Pallet Wood Coat Rack


It’s the weekend!!!!! Don’t know how your week has gone, but I welcomed Friday with open arms. As much as I enjoy freelancing I sometimes need to take a break from the computer and the deadlines and tear stuff apart!   I won’t say DIY is my speciality but it is slowly turning into my therapy!

For a while now, I have thought about sharing with you the less serious side of my life. I am not as poetic and profound as I might come across. I also wasn’t too sure if you cared to see what I  do when I’m not writing?  But I can tell you writing this post was a blast! If nothing else, I might start sharing my DIYs just for the sake of sharing!

I don’t know about you, but I HEART Pinterest. I am always pinning really cool DIY projects but don’t seem to ever get around to them. Well, not today. With the help of my husband, I finally started and successfully finished my first DIY project using pallets.


  • Hammer
  • Sander (optional)
  • Drill (maybe not a must but definitely makes life easier)
  • Paint (I used chalk paint simply because I had it already on hand)
  • Block letter (I purchased from Wal-Mart for less than $2.00)
  • Nails (or use wood  glue to secure the letter on the pallet)
  • Brass coat hooks (also from Wal-Mart and under $3.00)


Before you even start, look at this video from Lemonthistle.com. I wish I had found this blogger sooner.  I had no idea how hard pallets were to disassemble. Geez! We broke several of the boards trying to tear it apart, but that was okay. It gave the final project a little something extra. I was going for distressed.

Remove the nails and try to save them so you can reuse them in a minute. After we decided which boards we were putting together, we laid them in the pattern we wanted and then my husband secured the individual pieces of wood with scrap pieces of the pallet. This acted as a brace of sorts for the back. While my husband was cutting and securing the boards, I painted the letter I purchased from Wal-mart. ( I had the easy job!)

As I said earlier, I was going for more of a distressed look, so we didn’t sand nor paint the wood. After the pieces were secured, I used finishing nails to tack the block letter to the front of the board. My husband then used his drill to secure the brass coat hooks I had purchased. (He doesn’t trust me with his man tools!) A little hanging wire, two nails  and one  leveler, we had our DIY Pallet Coat Rack. Total cost was around $5.00 plus tax.

pallet 2

That was fun! What do yo do in your spare time? I would love to see some of your projects. If you are interested in sharing on the blog, contact me!


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