A Birthday and A Book: Time to Celebrate

I cannot think of a better way to share my birthday than with an announcement. I have a feeling that 35 is going to be a great year and I am excited to see how God’s hand continues to move over the next few months (and years).

You have probably noticed a few changes to my Heartskeeper blog title and if you follow along on Facebook, my page name changed slightly. If you didn’t notice, I guarantee you are checking right.about.now…..

Family, I am so excited to share with each of you my FIRST BOOK will launch in November!!!!

I am working diligently with my A-team on edits as we speak and I cannot wait to show each of you the cover art. I am so honored to work with such talent and in just a few months, I can share my words of encouragement with parents everywhere. Pinch me please!!!

“My Book” page will be added shortly to Heartskeeper so you will want to make sure you are signed up for email updates or following on Twitter and/or Facebook. For those of you interested, we will be offering a pre-order of the book. Get it early!

Want to know what it is about? Well of course you do! Sign up and stay tuned!


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