A Marriage Series, Part One

Today, my husband and I have been married twelve years. In the span of these twelve years, we wedding ringshave moved more times than I can actually keep track, created two beautiful children, made drastic job changes and just yesterday, purchased a home.

In the past twelve years, I will admit we have fought passionately but only to make up with that same amount of passion. We have said things that we instantly regretted (okay, more me than him. I had a temper at one time). We have grown apart out of selfishness and entitlement, only to realize we are stronger together.

Slowly, we have learned to fight for one another, not against.

Anyone that tells you that marriage life is easy is lying or highly delusional. In fact, I wish someone had set me down and explained just how difficult marriage actually is.

Marriage has been one of the hardest things I have ever committed to in my life.

A few weeks ago, I had a blogger out of Miami contact me for an interview. She wanted to know my thoughts on marriage and how we have made things work in ours. I have no idea what happened to that interview. I am afraid we might have frightened her off. For those that know me, you know I don’t hide my thoughts on anything! I was as real with her as I will be in my upcoming blog series.

Maybe it is just a season, but I know people who are rather getting married soon or considering divorce. I am elated for my friends taking the plunge and I pray for them daily and for God’s hand on their marriage. On the other hand, I am saddened to see so many marriages dissolving and the issues couples are facing.

This particular blog series was placed on my heart several weeks back and I could not think of a better time than on my anniversary to start it. I don’t know how long it will be or what it will involve. My prayer is that you- single, married or divorced– can get something from it.

I also encourage you to make comments and share your own story. Let me know if you want to share about your marriage. Until then, happy reading and stay tuned to Heartskeeper!

Happy anniversary baby! I love you!


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