Calling for Team Members

book street team

My book will be coming out for pre-order on Monday, October 5, 2015 (ecopy only). Not only will it go up for pre-order but all the hard work on the cover will also be revealed on Monday! Can I say I am nervous but cannot wait to share this book with you? I can officially marked “write a book” off my bucket list.

Honestly, in the end, I am simply praying that God can be exalted through my book and parents find confidence in their parenting journey. We have kept a lot of the details pertaining to the book quiet until now!

Over the next few weeks, we will begin sharing excerpts of the book and letting readers know how they can get a copy of Walking the Talk: A Parent’s Guide to Intimacy and Healthy Relationships. If you want to know how the REAL birds and bees talk actually goes, this is the book for you and your friends.

Maybe you don’t have kids and think “I don’t need this book.” You might be surprised. The book isn’t just for parents with teens. The book engages all couples, in all stages of the parenting journey. If you don’t yet have children, you are getting an early start! After all, the point of the guide is to show couples/parents in order to talk about healthy relationships and intimacy, we must first emulate what that looks like.

But how will we get the book into the hands of parent’s everywhere? This is where you come in!

I am looking for 20 people to be on my street team. For those that participate, they will receive a FREE ecopy of my book when it comes out in November. The first 5 that review it from my street team will  receive a gift for taking the time to review.

Interested? Here’s what I need you to do.

  • Use your social media pages (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.) to tell your family and friends about the book. Don’t worry, you aren’t having to write your own posts. Simply share and tag updates I post on Heartskeeper to your social media homepages. Now is a good time to go like the page if we aren’t already friends!
  • Be excited about the book and encourage your friends to come along the journey.
  • Post regularly (but don’t be obnoxious!) Posting might not always be about the book either. Go read a few articles I have written and share. Then, go share them with family and friends!
  • Help me expand my reader community not be selling my book but connecting me with your community of believers. I want to be friends and I want to stand in the gap for YOU!

You are already on social media everyday so why not? What are you losing?!  We all know someone who needs some encouragement. We reach more together than we ever will alone. Will you help make this book launch epic?

You can email me at,  post here in the comments section OR comment on social media. I need you to let me know if you are on the team; otherwise I might not realize all your hard work. I want to make sure I get you my book as a little thank you!

Remember, I am only taking 20 team members. I hope you decide to join me!



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