Cover Reveal for Walking the Talk Is Here!!!


Walking the Talk Book Image

ABOUT Walking the Talk: A Parent’s Guide on Intimacy and Healthy Relationships

Every parent wonders if they are doing the right thing with their children. Having the “talk” is no different.

Where do you start? What do you say?

Maybe it’s not so much about our “talk” but our “walk”……

In this Christian parenting guide, Walking the Talk debunks the myth that the conversation on faith, relationships, and intimacy only focuses on our children. Whatever the age of your children, you will walk away equipped to tackle topics on body image, puberty, relationships and faith – all while being encouraged and challenged to look at your own personal relationships, faith, and views on intimacy.

Through humor and transparent dialogue, Walking the Talk reminds parents how important their role, lived out by example, can be in guiding their children in making healthy choices. Thought provoking and engaging, this book will prepare and expand your understanding of the pivotal role you play in the lives of your children.

After all, your example lived out speaks louder to your child than any words you could ever say.

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