Beyond the Stores and Busyness of the Season

stores closedGuest Post by Anna Hall

I was in Wal-Mart, one of my favorite stores (insert sarcastic emoji here).  I had to quickly, and I mean quickly, find a plastic bowl and serving spoon to be used for a Thanksgiving potluck at work the next day.  Once I scanned the prices and chose the most practical items that I could use, I rushed to find a short checkout line.  As usual, there were only about 5 registers open and all of them were lined with customers.

 People were everywhere. I could hear the constant beep of the registers as cashiers rang up merchandise. My time was running short and I needed to leave to get to my next destination.  But all I could do was wait.

In the midst of what seemed to be chaos, I could hear a Christmas song playing throughout the store.  My first thought was it is way too early to play Christmas songs; it was a week before Thanksgiving.  As I listened more closely, I noticed that it was a religious Christmas song.  To be honest with you, I do not remember if it was “Away in a Manger”,Silent Night”, or another familiar song expressing baby Jesus’s arrival, but the lyrics made me think.

I wondered how Jesus views all this busyness.  Did He feel like He was just barely an afterthought when He was born into this world? 

Talk about being crowded, noisy, and an inconvenience!  People were everywhere in Bethlehem because of the census. Joseph had to quickly find a place for Mary to have baby Jesus, and they ended up in an inn full of animals. Not the ideal place, but that was where Jesus was born just the same.  There was so much hustle and bustle going on that people didn’t even know that the Savior of the universe was now here.

Do those of us who claim to know who Christ is now still ignore His presence? 

We’re officially in the Christmas season with all the Mocha Thursdays, Black Fridays, and Cyber Mondays (I may have made one of these up).  Everyone is rushing to get presents for everybody they know—and I mean everybody.  With all the decorating, parades, parties and other festivities, have we forgotten about whose birthday we are celebrating?  As it is often said around this time, Jesus is the reason for the season and keep “Christ” in Christmas.

If we do not celebrate Him all year-long, Christmas just becomes another excuse to pull out the credit card and to eat beyond our norm so that we can have a New Year’s resolution. 

By no means I am condemning these things, but let’s learn to slow down and focus in on God’s most wonderful gift to the world—JESUS!


“ This will happen when the special child is born. God will give us a son who will be responsible for leading the people. His name will be “Wonderful Counselor, Powerful God, Father Who Lives Forever, Prince of Peace.”     –Isaiah 9:6 Easy-to-Read Version (ERV)


Meet the Author:

Anna Hall

My name is Anna and I am known as either Anna Banana or Anna Mae by many of my friends and family.  I am a southern girl and the middle child of three. I am a bookworm to the heart, and I am a nerd for the Word (the Word of God, to be exact).  I have a sweet tooth that seems to never be satisfied and when I’m shopping you’ll probably see me pull out a coupon or two.  Yes, I am a bargainista for sure!  Lastly, and more importantly, I am a P.K.—a princess of the King.


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