Another Year Down- A few favorites of 2015


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Christmas is upon us and I have procrastinated long enough. I have last-minute grocery shopping to do, gingerbread houses to make and house preparations to accommodate the out-of-town family. The week after the festivities my plan of recovery will consist of an absorbent amount of coffee and some Netflix.

And just in case you are curious- I do not have any New Year’s resolutions! (Good thing for you- No post about resolutions!)

On a serious note, as I look back over the last few years I cannot help but smile. (And cring….my writing was atrocious and the images I picked for my posts….really?)

When this blog first started, I could not pay folks to follow me- seriously, I tried! After two years of 50 + followers, I resigned myself to thinking this might be all there was but I was okay with it.

400+ followers and one book deal later, I must say this year has drastically changed my path. I am honored and humbled that God is slowly unfolding my dream and making it a reality. I don’t think this new journey is going to be easy but I am ready to lead where God directs. If that dream touches 10 or 10,000 I want God to be glorified!

As we all settle into the New Year, I will share more on where that dream is leading and how things will be changing. Right now, since we have so many new family members, I want to take a moment and share some of my favorite blog posts from 2015.

You can click on each image to go directly to the post but I will share why these are important to me.

My magazine editors would not touch this article. It was classified as too “controversial” because I called out a struggle many women, including myself, dealt with-erotica books. It was a time I was thankful I had my own blog where I could share my personal convictions. The response was overwhelming to this post. So many women had bought into the lie that romance novels (erotica books) were innocent and were not considered porn. I addressed some critical areas of why it was dangerous and why so many women read such novels. It was one of those freeing moments for me and many others!

I hate to assume, but I received several Instagram posts that suggested someone read my article and actually made a comment on IG concerning it. Do I have proof? Well, the remark was pretty close to my exact words so here’s hoping she read it! To this day, it remains the #1 post on Heartskeeper. But to clarify, I do like the gal and love what she is doing with her talent and influence! Still waiting on that shout out Sadie!

This article featured on Familyshare was my eureka moment! Up until this point, I was writing for an audience of high school and college students (with little response). I decided to venture out and write a parenting article on one of my freelance jobs. I can honestly say the response shocked both me and my editor- 120,000 readers! It was the turning point in my writing career. It wasn’t about the numbers but the fact that I had found my “voice” and my “audience.” It would be the first article of many that I wrote on family matters- eventually, the articles were edited and are now part of my first book!

Are there more I could share? Yes, but for another year. I want to end by telling each of you that I love and appreciate your support. I am so honored that you are walking along my writing journey with me. Thank you for staying beside me. 2016 is going to be awesome!

I am praying for God’s hand on each of your lives and blessings in the New Year.

~ Sarah

PS. Family is more important than sitting in front of your computers or staying on your phones. Mark this post for a later read and go enjoy the holidays and making memories. This gal will see ya in 2016.


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