Just A Mom


Her view from home

A few weeks back, I went into the hospital for a minor outpatient procedure. Getting through patient registration was a hassle. Anyone that has ever been to the doctor knows what I mean- sign here, sign there, give us your first born- all the usual.

I could tell the patient representative assigned to me could have done her job with her eyes closed. As she went through the required medical interrogation, she asked me where I was employed. I shrugged my shoulders and replied, “Oh, I don’t work. I am just a mom.”

Her response, quit blunt but laced with love, left me speechless and somewhat ashamed of my dismissive answer.

Baby, you aren’t just a mom. You are the mom. It is a very important job.”

She never looked up from her computer but the words of wisdom spoken to me came from a place of understanding and strength only a mamma could muster.

We finished with my paperwork and she escorted me back to the patient waiting room. Her words, however, did not leave me.


Her view


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