Opening Your Home to Serve When It Is Not “Serve Worthy”

Her view

Hello friends! Take a moment and head on over to Her View From Home. I have a new guest post on Leslie’s site and the featured image just might be my kitchen!

A little background on this particular post- A few years ago, my family made a drastic lifestyle change and I had a very hard time adjusting to certain changes, our home being the first of many. I had always served and used my home as a place to gather. Yet, I fell into the comparison trap, thinking it simply was not “serve worthy.” Afterall, everyone I knew had newer homes, more space, furniture etc. God really got my attention in the New Year and I am letting go of my expectations of what my home must be before I begin serving those around me. I am looking for relationships to be blessed, not a home to impress.

Read more about the Day I Opened My Home here:




6 thoughts on “Opening Your Home to Serve When It Is Not “Serve Worthy”

  1. I think we can all relate to feeling inadequate about our home, or car, or clothing at one point or another. I’m sure your bungalow is adorable and the renovations that are being done are ‘totally’ your doing. So while it may seem a little challenging now, once everything is will have a house that you are proud of! 🙂

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