William and Brittney- A Love Story

Guest Post by Brittney Monteith

wedding picture by the waterYou know the saying ‘love at first sight’, well… that wasn’t us!

My best friend and I used to work at a local wing joint. As long as the drinks were flowing and the wings were frying we were making money. We had this one group of guys who used to come in on Wednesdays. At that time, they were a fun group of guys, but nothing more than ‘regular’ customers who helped us pay our way through college. Eventually, my best friend started dating one of the guys.

She would come home (we used to live together, during college) and tell me that this other guy liked me. I wasn’t even really sure who she was talking about!

Before I got to really know who she was talking about, the wing joint closed.

I started working as ‘Marketing Manager’ at a brand new restaurant. William, the guy from the old pub, started coming in for his business lunches. We would make eye contact and say hello, but really, nothing more. My best friend told me to give him a shot;  She thought we were pretty similar. Because of her, I said yes.

Two years and three months after our first date, he asked me to marry him. It was New Year’s Eve in Fort Lauderdale. The fireworks just started going off on the beach when he got down on one knee. To me, this was the most romantic place in the world, because two years before at that exact time and place was the first time he ever told me loved me.

My Husband and I got married May 30, 2015, just 5 months after we got engaged. We got married in our backyard in a small town in Ontario, Canada. My husband worked on renovating our backyard and I planned the wedding.

wedding rings

We had 100 guests and a wedding party of 12. We got married in a white tent full of soft pink and white lighting, Hydrangea, and peonies. We live right downtown in a small city. We own a 92-year-old home right across from the lake and about a 10 minute walk to downtown. But, the beautiful thing is, we also back onto a forest, owning 1.4 acres! It’s the definition of city meets country.

Most people say they disliked planning their wedding. They found it stressful, frustrating and impossible to please everyone. I was lucky enough to not have any of those issues. I am very organized, knew exactly what I wanted, and had family members who respected my independence and offered help without being pushy.

Despite the weather forecast predicting a 95% chance of thunderstorms ALL day, we had sunshine for most of it. The plan was to get married on our patio, but with the uncertainty of weather we got married in the tent. It ended up being sunny and perfect, but even so, it was just as perfect inside.

My husband is friends with one of the most talented chefs in Barrie. We were so excited when he agreed to cater our wedding. It was phenomenal! It was a beautiful three course meal featuring a carrot wrapped garden salad, curried squash soup and fall of the bone braised beef ribs that were put in the oven 2 days prior to the wedding! Service was impeccable, with almost everyone always eating at the same time.

Our wedding photographer did an amazing job. Cait was a friend of a very close friend of ours. She was a photographer long before she shot our wedding, but she never shot a wedding before! My friend recommended her and suggested we just meet for coffee. After one meeting, I knew she was ‘the one’. I’m so glad we took a chance on her because she did an amazing job. I’m so happy to call her my person friend now as well. Since our own wedding, she has been crazy busy shooting others peoples wedding now too.

The day covered almost every emotion possible! Joy in regards to marrying my soul mate, laughter in the sense of our M.C’s punch lines being missed and some fun games that led to a kiss between bride and groom. We even surprised our guest when my husband and I performed a rehearsed dance to ‘Dedicated to you’ by Johnny Reid.

Monteith husbandbam profile wed

We ended the night with a late night Poutine truck, which ended up being a massive hit. Because the nature of our home, we have some very old trees surrounding it. We had to roll with the punches when the poutine truck hit a branch, causing quite the amount of leaves and branches falling down. The staff was great, the tree was fine, and my husband even jumped on and helped cater to our guests.

The wedding couldn’t have been more perfect. My only complaint was time. The day just flew by!

What I’ve learned throughout this entire process is that life is like a roller coaster. I never intended to fall in love with my husband, it just happened. Sometimes fate has a plan for you that you know nothing about. You have to learn to unleash your guard, open your heart, and let love in.


Meet the Author:

brittany m bio pic

I’m a 26 year old Lifestyle Blogger and Freelance Writer out of Ontario, Canada. I’m the wife to the most entrepreneurial man in the world, doggy mamma to the cutest little Shepheard rescue dog and most laid back ‘I don’t need to brush my hair today’ kind of girly- girl.

I love chocolate, writing, and crying at the silliest YouTube videos.

Learn more about me and check out my website at www.bamwriting.com


3 thoughts on “William and Brittney- A Love Story

  1. Such a cute story, and your wedding seems like it should be on the cover of some sort of bridal magazine, so brides everywhere can dream and fantasize about a wedding like yours 🙂

  2. Such a sweet story! I love hearing how couples get together and get engaged. Your wedding sounded perfect for you! Congratulations and good for you for taking that risk and giving him a chance!

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