Open Call for Submissions: A Little Bit of Everything

Hey family!an open call for submissions

Have I mentioned how awesome it is to have so many new faces around the blog? If not, let me first start off by saying thank you for all the wonderful submissions. The heart and talent of those sharing is mind-blowing! Secondly, thank you for all the supporters, readers and commenters. You have welcomed the new family members in with such hospitality!

LOTS of things are in the works, but I am only one woman so I must pace myself (which is really hard for me). If you have looked around on the blog lately, it has gotten a facelift. More will change and be added over the next few months but what I am focusing on right now involves topic expansion. So, your call for open submissions is slightly different this time around…..

I am looking for topics on: (You can find more details under the themes here)

  • Parenting
  • Faith
  • Travel
  • Blogging

Yep, lots of options! The “rules” still apply to each submission area and I encourage you all to go take a look at the guidelines and mission of Heartskeeper. Please make sure that your work is checked for errors and clarity. If I have to read it three or four times to figure out what you are saying, I am moving on. (Sorry, I hate sounding rude.) At the time, I am not paying but I am working on monetizing in the near future. I still have readers and standards, so for now, consider this practice! Stay with me, great things are coming!!!

If you are on Facebook, make sure to like our page. If you are looking for a writing community, join us here.

Happy reading!


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