7 Ways I Engage People On My Facebook Page


Guest Post: Terryn Drieling

When I started my Facebook page back in June 2014, I was a naïve mommy blogger trying to promote her blog and grow her readership. I had little, no wait – I had no knowledge of that pesky little thing known as the algorithm. And I certainly did not know just how it would affect the reach and engagement of the content I was about to share.

A year and a half and hundreds of posts later, I am painfully aware of what I lovingly refer to as “every brand’s nemesis” – the ever-changing Facebook algorithm. As infuriating and engagement impeding as the algorithm is, I have found a few ways to continue to grow and engage to the tune of more than 300 new “likes” and a greater than 50% increase in organic reach and engagement over the course of the last 60 days.

So, how do I engage people on my Facebook page? Well, I’m glad you asked. Below are 7 ways I engage people on my Facebook page.

engaging posts

Consistently post within my sweet spot.

I shoot for three Facebook posts a day consisting of some mix of links to my blog, links to other blogs, status updates, and photos. Through a trial-and-error series of consistent posting across the range of different types of media and analysis of the insights on each post type, I determined that photos are my sweet spot.

Photos are the most engaging type of media I share, out engaging everything but videos by quite a bit. And videos don’t count because I’ve only shared two and one was of a moose running through the Sandhills to The Space Jam Theme – Ya’ll Ready for This – wildly popular, but highly unlikely to result in any consistent source of content. Thus, I dubbed videos an outlier and photos my sweet spot, posting them with the most consistency.


Engage… Isn’t this whole post on how to engage people? Yes – yes, it is. So, allow me to explain.

To engage, I have to be engaging. This means sharing genuine content giving followers a glimpse of the real me. It also means promptly responding to comments and personal messages, and then asking the questions that foster good conversation allow others to share about themselves.

The number one goal I have set for myself and my brand is to make sincere connections and become a source of inspiration and information for my readership. I genuinely want to get to know my readers, building relationships and garnering vriendships (virtual-friendships). These relationships are a little hard to come by if I am sitting back and expecting folks to engage all on their own.

Give stuff away.

Now I could be wrong here, but I am going to go out on a limb and say that everyone likes free stuff. And I quite frankly, I like to be someone who makes someone else’s day. Sometimes I do that by giving stuff away. It’s a win-win really – I get people to interact on my page and they get the opportunity to win free stuff.

With one of my most recent giveaway posts, I asked participants to share, share, share. After the original post reached one-hundred likes, I offered an additional item for giveaway with each additional one-hundred likes. This inspired people to spread the word and drew a whole new crowd to my page. When it was all said and done, the original post had well over 300 likes, several comments, multiple shares, and I got to make the day of three lucky winners!

Ask for a share, and be shameless about it.

That’s right – I shamelessly ask for shares. Let’s face it, the more times content is shared, the more engagement it is going to get. So if I have written a post for my blog that I want to share with the masses, I employ my team of go-to Facebook sharers (i.e. friends, my parents, and my in-laws). Other times, I will even shamelessly ask my readers to “give it a share if you agree.” And I do not feel bad about asking.

Strategically boost posts.

The keyword here is strategically. Typically, I boost one post each month for one full week. I set my boosting budget at a minimum of $5 and a maximum of $10. And in order to gain the most return on my investment, I prudently select my target audience as well as the posts I boost.

I have a carefully thought out, tried-and-true strategic criteria for choosing the posts I put money behind. First, they must cover something I feel is pretty important, and thus, worth boosting. And (this is fairly important) they must already have decent organic reach. In my experience posts that are lacking in organic reach will also be lacking in paid reach, so boosting them is basically a waste of money. Sad, but true.

Join a blogging group or two.

This has seriously been one of the best things I have done not just for engagement on my Facebook page, but for engagement across the blogging and social media board. The basic idea of a blogging group is to encourage, support, and promote each other.

The first group I became a part of when I joined the team was Her View From Home writers. Can I just say – the women of HVFH are just as inspiring as they are talented. They are crazy talented. I have also joined the Naptime Nation, which is also made up of brilliant, motivated women. More importantly, aside from helping increase my engagement, the women in both of these groups are wildly empowering. It is refreshing.

Send daily invitations.

Remember that thing I said about being shameless? Yeah – that applies here too. In the beginning, I shamelessly sent invitations for my friends to like my page. Now, I send invitations to all those who interact with my content by liking my posts. I do this on a daily basis. And once again, I do not feel bad about it. If someone doesn’t want to follow me, they certainly do not have to accept the invite. But I have found this to be an effective way to gain page likes and increase engagement.

*Disclaimer: I am no expert. In the grand scheme of things, I am actually a pretty small fish in the ocean of Facebook pages. But these things have worked for me and I hope they provide some benefit to you as well.

Meet the Author:

Terryn Drieling

I am a Christian woman, wife, and mother, bringing up a family while raising beef in the Sandhills of Nebraska. I write about my everyday life on my blog www.faithfamilyandbeef.com

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