3 Essential (and 2 of them are free) Tools Every Blogger Needs

 Guest Writer: Mitchel Jaynes   3 essentials
If you plan to stick with blogging, it probably isn’t going to be easy. Let’s be honest, thinking  and writing good content can be hard sometimes. You’ve been writing on your blog for months or even years. What else could there possibly be to write about?!
To help you out, I’ve found three tools that can make your favorite hobby a little easier.
Okay, I’m sure you’ve probably heard a million times the you should be using Evernote to keep notes, remember ideas, or save articles, but I’m here to tell you that YOU REALLY SHOULD BE USING EVERNOTE. Honestly, for the longest time I thought Evernote was kind of pointless. My response was always, “I have a notes app on my computer and phone, what’s the difference?” – but my thinking has turned a complete 180.
If you’re anything like me, you never know when you’re going to have the best idea for a blog post. It could be in the grocery store, before bed, or at work, but if I don’t write it down immediately, I’ll forget it. Even if I do write it down, I never go back and look at the blog idea because I can’t remember where I wrote it. Evernote keeps all those blog post ideas in one place. Yo can even sync up your computer and phone so the notes will show up on both devices.
With your computer you can save article links, pictures, or even screen captures with just a few clicks. Using Evernote has drastically increased my organizational skills when it comes to my blogging (Unfortunately, my bill paying organization skills are still lacking).
*the best part is, it’s free!
Unlike Evernote, this one is a tool you might not have heard of before, but you need to be using. It’s been proven that social media posts that have images perform better than those without them. Okay, so you want to make eye-catching, beautiful share images to accompany your blog post, but where do you get there? Enter Canva! It allows you to upload any image or use one of their own and then overlay a filter and text on top of it. They have prearranged texts that look amazing with just about any picture. Canva makes it easy for almost anyway to make the perfect image to go with your blog, even if you aren’t a professional graphic designer.
Having problems finding your next brilliant blog idea? Buzzsumo can help! Buzzsumo can show you what is being shared most on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter based on keywords. You can enter keywords that relate you blog and see what is getting the most attentions.
Not only that, but you can also see what other bloggers are sharing, get alerts using keywords or domains, and track other bloggers using their content. Buzzsumo isn’t necessarily as fun or flashy as the other two tools, but it’s just as important for those days when you can think of a think to write about. *Alert you can try Buzzsumpo for free, but premium features DO require a fee.
Meet the Author:
Mitchel Jaynes is a content creator for an internet marking agency, which basically means he gets paid to be on Facebook. He has been married (almost a year). I love reading, sports, coffee, and working out. You can follow me on my blog here.

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