Avoiding the Comparison Trap in Life and Blogging

By Sarah Westa sea of comparisons

I think I could stay connect 24/7 and never fully reached the mecca of the blogging world. It seems that every time I figure out what is the latest and greatest, it changes. I am left scratching my head, scouring the internet for what is trending and deemed successful for the next millisecond.

By no means am I saying that there is not some tried and true methods to all the blogging madness. I am very fortunate to have some individuals/groups in my corner that have helped me successfully navigate some of the forks in the blogging road. However, what I find to be alarming is that many of us are trying to fit a mold that we were never intended to fit. I see a lot of people beating their heads against the social media wall, walking away defeated and confused. If I am not careful, I can easily fall back down that rabbit hole.

Comparison is a slippery slope and one that we all must be careful to avoid.

And falling into the comparison trap is not just part of the blogging world. Comparisons are part of everyday life as well and we can thank social media for feeding that beast.

At any point of the day, you can log on to your virtual world and see image after image telling you how wonderful everyone else’s life is. It can leave you questioning your choices and yourself.

Why can’t my family look like the [Jones] family?

I wish we could go on a beautiful, exotic vacation like our friends.

I will never look like her in a bathing suit.

My husband never brings me flowers.

What’s wrong with my life?

Why does this Facebook page have more likes than mine?

Why isn’t anyone reading my book or following my blog etc.?

You can fill in your tale of woe as you wish, but the point is comparisons are killing us. Comparisons are putting a pressure on us and our families that are impossible to live up to. In fact, the voids we are demanding filled from our jobs, our families and ourselves were never meant to be fulfilled by us, but God.

Is success wrong? Is the desire for more in our life/career a bad thing?

No! The motives, however, behind our why will greatly determine our fulfillment and drive in both our personal and professional lives.

facebook post

I posted a snapshot my husband took of me over the weekend. I wrote above the picture that the same God that created all of THIS is the same God that created US. I wanted to remind people that the God who created such beautiful masterpieces in this world also created the beautiful masterpiece in each of us.

Comparison will rob of us that truth.

Don’t allow your worth to be taken away because of what you see on the computer screen or the lives of others.

You were not meant to fit that mold. Stop trying.

(If you liked this article, you can read more here on the trap of comparison.



18 thoughts on “Avoiding the Comparison Trap in Life and Blogging

  1. Thank you for this, Sarah. Just last night I was really struggling with the comparison trap. There is so much to learn about this blogging world, and at times, I feel as though I will never make sense of it. I think that I am just going to continue writing my heart, however, and keep my eyes on what inspires me, instead of what deflates me. Lovely piece!

  2. I have to often remind myself of this very thing. It’s so easy, especially as blogger, to fall into the trap of comparing not just your blog, but everything about your life to another. And I think that is why so many successful bloggers’ #1 advice is be yourself because otherwise it becomes obvious that you are not being authentic.

  3. It truly is a trap! So thankful that in Christ we can be fulfilled by following His unique plan for our lives. When it comes to blogging, I try to remember to reflect Him through my individual personality. I am challenged and spurred on by other bloggers, but need to keep it at that rather than getting discouraged.

  4. Thank you SO much for this.. I SO needed this. I have to remember over all why I blog is to document my life and if I am able to help another parent with our crazy adventures then that is the bonus.

  5. This is a great post! As a new blogger, I find myself questioning if it’s even worth plugging along. I have no expectations of where I’ll end up, but wonder sometimes why would anyone read my thoughts when there a million other awesome Moms out there who share the same info. I love it though, and won’t quit anytime soon. If even one person is inspired, then I feel like I’ve accomplished what I set out to do. God gives us great opportunities, and who are we to question his path for us. Thanks for the reminder of this!

  6. Amen. I think I just need to print this and post it on my wall as a reminder for when that feeling creeps up!

  7. As a blogger, I have grown more since putting the “mine” mentality aside and just started helping others. When you are trying to elevate your fellow bloggers, you dont have time to compare .

  8. This is something I constantly struggle with. It’s a fine balance between being inspired by and jealous of other bloggers. I love your quote about how comparison steals that truth..so true!

  9. Oh my gosh!!! All the yeses to you! Comparison is an ugly beast and it can break you down. It is a constant struggle in my life, but I am working on it! Thank you for this!

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