About Me

Sarah West

 Welcome to A-Life-Inspired (A-L-I) with Sarah West.

I am Sarah; a mother, a first time author and an avid coffee drinker with an insatiable love for travel and all things unusual. My family affectionately calls us gypsies. We have lived more places than years my husband and I have been married. (We recently celebrated our 12th anniversary just to give you an idea.)

I have learned to appreciate the unscripted parts of life. It is usually when I have not had a plan that God showed me His. You can read my full story here.

If you are new, take a look around the blog. You can find the links to my featured articles here.

To sum up the blog in a few words:

A-L-I  is about community and connecting people. It is for people who are looking to get past all the fake and actually talk about real life. I and on occasion, guest writers, discuss issues on parenting, faith, money, marriage and whatever else inspires! The intention of the blog is to CONNECT, ENGAGE and INSPIRE  you in your family, your dreams and your faith. The mission is and will always be to bring people, young and old, to the keeper of our hearts through engaging and inspiring stories.

What should we expect?

I know life is busy so I will not saturate you with emails and new content every day. My goal is to provide you one  (but no more than two) posts per week that will encourage, equip or inspire you. If you want more community and daily interactions, let me encourage you to check out A Life Inspired Facebook page.  If you prefer to tweet, connect with me on Twitter.

If you need to reach me or ask a question, the best method of contact is via email: writelife13@gmail.com. I will do my best to respond within 48 hours.

Happy Reading!




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