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calling all writers

Do you have something to share from the heart? A few words of encouragement for the overwhelmed parent? A recipe? A DIY project that you just feel like sharing? Your personal testimony?

We all have something to say and there is always someone who needs to hear it.

A-Life-Inspired is opening its site to first-time and seasoned writers looking for another platform to share their ideas and thoughts about everyday life. You can read more about A-L-I here to see if this is a place you would like to share your work. Though this is a christian blog, every theme does not have to be faith-based. All I ask is you T.H.I.N.K before you submit:



If you are interested, read on:

How to submit your article:

  1. Check the theme at the bottom of this page before you start. I will do my best to have a few months up at a time. If you don’t see a topic you would like to write about, submit something else. The themes are suggestions.
  2. Since there is not monetary payment (at this time), you are welcome to submit previously published and/or new articles. IF YOUR ARTICLE IS PREVIOUSLY PUBLISHED, PLEASE NOTE IN YOUR SUBMISSION EMAIL AND PROVIDE THE LINK TO THE ORIGINAL POST.
  3. Posts should be well-edited at time of submission. (Your submission,however, gives Heartskeeper the right to edit the post to fit the need of the blog)
  4. You are welcome to submit images with your article as long as you have all rights to them. (By submitting, you are giving permission for A-Life-Inspired to use them and acknowledging you have the right to the image).
  5. Also, by submitting your article, you are verifying that A-Life-Inspired has the right to publish the submission.
  6. If you have the following, please provide it in the body of the email:
    1. Your blog/website URL (if you have one) How do you want people to follow you?
    2. 2-3 sentence bio (You may submit a picture with your bio)
  7. When submitting, send your article with the SUBJECT: ARTICLE SUBMISSION to the following email: writelife13@gmail.com
  8. PLEASE NOTE: A submission does not guarantee your article will be published. You are not guaranteed a spot until your article has officially been scheduled in the que. You will be notified if your article was chosen. If time is an issue, you are welcome to retract article simply by emailing and requesting it taken out of the Que.

Once your article has been accepted, please take a moment  and join our group on Facebook. community writers image

How to write a great article!

A few tips:

1.  Write from the heart.  Readers can tell if your work is genuine. Remember, Heartskeeper wants to reach real people and have real discussions. Messy is not necessarily a bad thing here.

2.  Keep your article around 600-800 words.

3. Bullet points work really well but are not necessary. (A suggestion only)

4.  When it your article is published, SHARE, SHARE and SHARE some more!  Your friends and family want to read your story!  Heartskeeper is about building family!

5.  Don’t compare your writing to mine or anyone else.  Your story is unique and you are too.   Remember that when you write.

2015/2016 Themes:

December theme

In the chaos of the Christmas season, how do you maintain the true reason for the season? Do you get caught up in the present buying and pressures of making memories? Share how you manage to remain still in the season of busy. Maybe you are struggling still and would like to share so others know they are not the “only ones”?

beauty of life

January is Sanctity of Human Life. It is a near and dear month for me, personally, and I know it holds dear to many others. I am looking for personal stories about life. It can be a story of redemption, how God pulled you from the ashes. It can be your story of an unplanned pregnancy or an abortion. How have you handled the life you have been given? Due to the sensitive nature of the subject, please know you can be anonymous on this topic (or any other). This is a judgement free zone. We all need grace!

Feb 2016 theme

February is the month we “celebrate” love. I want to go deeper. What does that mean to you  beyond the chocolate and flowers? Tell us your story of how you are learning to love yourself. Share a funny story about your marriage (PG only) or how you met your spouse. January was a serious month so lets infuse some humor into Heartskeeper. Ready, set, go!

Your ideas are welcome! Reach out to me! Happy reading!

a season of preparing

March is about reflecting on your journey. Do you find yourself in a season of reflection?  Is God preparing you for the next leg of your journey? How does this season look for you and your family?

an open call for submissions

Heartskeeper is looking for a variety of topics. As long as you adhere to the guidelines and mission of Heartskeeper, the following topics are yours to share! Heartskeeper would LOVE to have you share on:

  • Parenting (HONEST, REAL Parenting. It can be your personal story, a lesson you want to share with new/seasoned parents etc.)
  • Faith (What is God teaching you in this season? How has your faith changed you and your family? Do you struggle with the idea of God?)
  • Travel (How do you travel with kids? Where are some awesome places you have been that you want to share with the readers? Frugal travel- is that even possible?)
  • Life and Blogging (Looking for bloggers that can relate principles/lessons learned in the blogging world to everyday. What are common first time blogger mistakes and how can we learn from our mistakes in general? How do you deal with rude comments and how does the opinions of others affect you? How do you manage a blog and family?)

The possibilities are endless! If you are unsure if your topic works, reach out with a pitch! I will get back to you! writelife13 AT gmail DOT COM.